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Debating against Chomsky on human nature, Foucault once said he did not believe social revolution was possible arguing that born inside a specific social construct it’s almost impossible to imagine another world he called heterotopias without refering to the one we’ve been encoded. Utopias are fantasies about our own construct. They speak more about our collectives “Self”. Heterotopias being this uncharted territories which we couldn’t  afford to understand from being trapped in our restrictive mindset.

Hyper-modernism push concept of human nature and society to another level. Should we let natural selection work our evolution knowing that we are in a specie dead end or should we culturally select and manage our own evolution by technological means ? What should we expect from the democratisation of information and means of production ? Did virtual realities are opening the way to true heterotopias ?

that’s some of the stuff I propose to explore in a philosophical way but taking care of practical aspects for entrepreneurs as “ant” working in a transformative way to make for instance open source economy happens.


“Using a slogan from ANT, you have ‘to follow the actors themselves’, that is try to catch up with their often wild innovations in order to learn from them what the collective existence has become in their hands, which methods they have elaborated to make it fit together, which accounts best define the new associations that they have been forced to established.” 
― Bruno Latour


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